Timber! The Fall of Imprelis

According to the New York Times, DuPont is processing claims totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in relation to the herbicide Imprelis. DuPont had pulled the product after only a few months on the market after reports surfaced that trees were dying shortly after being exposed to the chemical. The EPA has since banned IMPRELIS®.

For those concerned that there may not be enough money to go around, allay your fears. According to Seeking Alpha, DuPont saw a 12% growth in revenue in the 1st quarter of 2012, boosted, ironically, by the strength of its agricultural products, e.g. seeds. Hopefully those farmers did not use IMPRELIS® on their crops. Or maybe they did, I suppose that is one way for DuPont to boost sales. [1]

[1] Technically, IMPRELIS® should not affect crops. Of course, DuPont did not believe it would harm trees either.

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