Ambulance Helicopter Crash Kills Four

HelicopterA downed ambulance helicopter was discovered early Saturday morning in Coffee County, Alabama. According to the deputy director for the Coffee County Emergency Management Agency, the four individuals on board — the pilot, a nurse, a medic, and patient — were killed as a result.

A report came in at 12:17 a.m. that the medical helicopter was missing. It is believed that the accident occurred just minutes after they had responded to a car crash where they had picked up the unconscious patient with a broken leg. The helicopter was flying to Montgomery Hospital.

The accident is being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board, as well as the Federal Aviation Administration. The investigation — which could take numerous days — is met with some challenges due to the heavily wooded area in which the accident occurred and the severe thunderstorms being experienced in Goodman.

On Monday, a Ft. Rucker helicopter crashed near the Dothan Airport and left three people injured. This would make it the second helicopter accident occurring in southeast Alabama in a week.

The helicopter was operated by Haynes.

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