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Are IVC Blood Clot Filters Dangerous?

December 14, 2017 · FLEMING | NOLEN | JEZ, L.L.P.

Every year, thousands of people are implanted with a device known as an inferior vena cava (IVC) filter. Inserted into a patient’s main vein in the body where blood returns to the heart from the lower body, the device is meant to help people recovering from accidents and surgeries by preventing potentially fatal blood clots. The metal wires in the…
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Damages Associated with IVC Filter Lawsuits

July 21, 2016 · FLEMING | NOLEN | JEZ, L.L.P.

We know the various effects that an IVC filter failure can have on a person, as well as the lawsuits that have been brought forward as a result of the injuries sustained by patients who have been implanted with the device. However, not many people are sure of what damages have been associated with the pending lawsuits, what they may…
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