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Dangers of Using Talc Powder for Feminine Hygiene

April 28, 2016 · FLEMING | NOLEN | JEZ, L.L.P.

For years and years, individuals have been using talc powders for various reasons. For women, talc powder is often used as a feminine hygiene product. Unfortunately, according to various studies, this is a bad idea. Talc powder has long been linked to an increased risk of ovarian and fallopian tube cancer. Countless lawsuits have been brought forth regarding talc powder…
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Links Between Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

March 1, 2016 · FLEMING | NOLEN | JEZ, L.L.P.

What are the connections between the use of talcum powder and the dangers of ovarian cancer? There are more than 1,200 cases similar to this still pending. Agencies are also calling for makers of talcum powder to add a warning on their labels informing consumers about the potential risks associated with the use of the product. The American Cancer Society…
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