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Essure Device Contains Nickel

November 16, 2015 · FLEMING | NOLEN | JEZ, L.L.P.

Allegedly Causes Systemic Contact Dermatitis

A case has come forward involving a woman who developed systemic contact dermatitis due to nickel exposure allegedly caused by her Essure birth control implant. The woman’s dermatitis was totally cleared upon removal of the Essure device that contained a nitinol coil, which is comprised of 55% nickel and 45% titanium.

The development of dermatitis in a woman with an Essure device could be explained by corrosion of the device after implantation, which would release nickel. Although the device was introduced in 2002, there have been no other reported cases of systemic contact dermatitis associated with Essure. Although some health professionals are now recommending that women undergo thorough assessments for nickel-causing dermatitis after the Essure device is implanted.

Essure birth control devices are composed of nitinol, PET, and stainless steel. Although the nitinol can have many positive effects for many applications, it is possible, because of the high nickel content, for corrosion to result in adverse side effects. Many are wondering why, if Essure is comprised of such great materials, there are so many women reporting corrosion, fracture, migration, and other negative side effects?

Nitinol: The Fundamentals

Essure is made in part of nitinol, a nickel-titanium alloy. Nitinol is a sought-after material for its ability to hold shape and be super-elastic. Nitinol isn’t one material, but rather a blend of nickel and titanium. Nitinol is used in a litany of other medical devices, including devices that promote blood flow in arteries, heart implants, and blood clot prevention devices. When and if nitinol corrodes though, it can release nickel. In this woman’s case, the device’s corrosion and release of nickel into her body was what reportedly caused her systemic contact dermatitis.

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