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IVC Filter Lawsuits – NBC Nightly News Investigates Bard IVC Filters

November 6, 2015 · FLEMING | NOLEN | JEZ, L.L.P.

Another major defendant in the IVC filter litigation is CR Bard (“Bard”). Recently, NBC Nightly News aired a news story investigating the Recovery IVC Filter device in September 2015. Part one of the investigation revealed several eye opening allegations.

First, NBC Nightly News reported that 300 adverse events, including 27 deaths, were associated with the Recovery IVC Filter. NBC News also reported that Bard hired a public-relations firm Hill and Knowlton which circulated a “crisis management plan” on how to handle problems with the Recovery IVC Filter device.

Yet according to NBC News, Bard never recalled the Recovery IVC Filter device. Instead, it sold 34,000 devices for three years before modifying the device with a new name, the G2. NBC News reported that gaining FDA clearance took more than one attempt for the Recovery IVC Filter, and that Bard had to hire a regulatory specialist to assist the company in getting the device approved. Her name is Kay Fuller. NBC News reported that Ms. Fuller voice concerns over the safety test results, but was told to not pursue the matter any further.

Shockingly, Ms. Fuller told NBC News that her signature was forced in the FDA Application for the Recovery IVC Filter device. Ultimately, Ms. Fuller resigned from Bard.

Finally, NBC News reported that Bard’s confidential records estimated that there are 20,000 remaining people with the Recovery IVC Filter device implanted. These people may be at risk for a variety of risk factors now associated with Bard IVC Filter devices.