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About Essure®

Essure® is a non-surgical sterilization method that came on the market in November of 2002. This system, marketed by Bayer HealthCare, was designed as a less invasive alternative to traditional sterilization methods. Like more traditional techniques, Essure® is also designed to be permanent.

How Does Essure® Work?

The Essure® system involves two metal coils designed for flexibility. These coils are implanted into the fallopian tubes through the vagina. Attached polyester fibers work over approximately three months to create an inflammatory response, generating scar tissue and functioning as an effective barrier to fertilization. The scar tissue keeps the sperm from the eggs, eliminating the possibility of conception.

Unfortunately, Essure® is not a failsafe sterilization method. The product has been known to fail, resulting in an unplanned pregnancy. Sadly, these pregnancies can result in premature birth or birth defects caused by the implanted device. Additionally, Essure® has been known to migrate, causing perforation of the uterine wall or fallopian tubes.

Alternatives to Essure®

Better and safer sterilization options are:

  • Female Tubal Ligation
  • Male Vasectomy

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