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Were You Seriously Injured During The Revision / Removal Of Your Hernia Mesh?

Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh is a type of synthetic hernia mesh designed to support the surrounding tissue after a hernia repair surgery first cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in April of 2010 and withdrawn from the market in May of 2016 after medical professionals expressed concern over results from a clinical trial. The trial was intended to compare two mesh/fixation concepts for Laparoscopic Ventral and Incisional Hernia Repair, but researchers found that the product showed inadequate tissue ingrowth, was too weak to prevent recurrence due to small filaments and large pores and formed abnormal adhesions and chose to terminate the trial early due to concerns.

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Hernia repair surgeries are supposed to improve the quality of a patient’s life, but when the worst happens you may need to turn to experienced legal representation to secure compensation to cover the costs of your medical bills and other damages. At Fleming, Nolen & Jez, our medical device lawyers have successfully represented injured victims for more than three decades, and are committed to providing each new client we take on with the dedication that has earned us national recognition. Contact us today to discuss your situation and begin planning your next course of action.

Common Injuries Caused By Physiomesh

When complications arise, this product can cause:

  • Dense adhesions
  • No ingrowth
  • Bowel entrapment / obstruction
  • Pain
  • Hernia recurrence (rupture of the physiomesh)

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