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The Legal Process –IVC Filter Lawsuits

What Should I Do After an IVC Filter Injury?

Like any personal injury case, the first – and most important – step in your IVC filter lawsuit is talking to a lawyer. If you’re ready to speak with an attorney, contact our IVC lawsuit lawyers today. Once you are equipped with a legal representative, your case can move forward.

Every IVC filter case is different, but some common elements are:

  • First, your lawyer will file a complaint and serve it to the manufacturer. This is the first “official” document in the case and delineates the defendant’s negligence and your damages.
  • The manufacturer (the defendant) will seek legal counsel and appear in court. This usually happens about one month after the initial complaint.
  • If the defendant doesn’t agree to the claims in your lawsuit, the case moves to pre-trial litigation (also called “discovery”). During pre-trial litigation, both parties will present evidence, schedule depositions, call witnesses, and uncover the facts of the case.
  • Some cases end during pre-trial litigation through settlement. If parties cannot settle, the case will move to trial.

Understanding the Risks Associated with IVC Filters

Injuries associated with implantation of the IVC filter devices have been reported across the United States. Some deaths have been reported, too. These devices are dangerous and can be deadly. The FDA recommends removal between the 29th and 54th day after implantation.

Unfortunately, not all medical providers heed this recommendation. In some cases, the devices are left in for longer time periods. This can lead to splinters of the medical device breaking off and flowing through the bloodstream to the patient’s heart and lungs, causing serious symptoms, side effects, and injury.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury caused by an IVC filter such as those listed above, legal recourse is available to you. You may have the right to pursue a lawsuit against the responsible manufacturer. An IVC filter attorney from our team at Fleming | Nolen | Jez, L.L.P. may be able to help.

There are five types of inferior vena cava (IVC) filters around which most lawsuits have arisen:

  • The Bard Recovery Filter
  • The Bard G2 Filter
  • The Bard G2 Express Filter
  • The Cook Gunther Tulip Filter
  • The Cook Celect Filter

The two companies responsible for manufacturing these devices are:

  • C.R. Bard
  • Cook Medical

How Can an IVC Filter Lawyer Help Me?

The sooner you get in contact with our firm, the sooner we’ll be able to answer your questions and help you take steps in the right direction. Why hesitate, with so much on the line? Our IVC filter attorneys are passionate about pursuing justice for our clients against corporations that prioritize profit over consumer safety.

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