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New Hope for Mesothelioma Patients: Cancer Drug to be Tested

January 1, 1970 · FLEMING | NOLEN | JEZ, L.L.P.

Mayo Clinic oncologist, Dr. Julian Molina, continues to study the existing cancer drug, Votrient, as a treatment for Mesothelioma.

Votrient is FDA approved to treat kidney cancer but Dr. Molina believes that it can kill Mesothelioma cancer cells as well. The drug acts to shut down the growth of new blood vessels in cancerous tissue essentially starving the cancer cells of nutrients and oxygen.

Dr. Molina discovered this potential treatment when he added Votrient to Mesothelioma cells in his lab. His research continues in a clinical trial that already shows positive results. Dr. Molina has reported that the use of this drug to fight Mesothelioma has improved survival in his patients – increasing the likelihood of survival to 18.6 months.

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