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Were You Seriously Injured In A Motorcycle Crash?

Around 443,000 motorcycles were registered to both public and private owners in Texas as of 2013 – as popular as these vehicles are, they can also be incredibly dangerous. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), over 9,000 people were involved in a motorcycle crash in 2015 alone, and more than 84 percent of these people suffered some type of injury, and over 25 percent were either killed or suffered a serious injury.

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Motorcycle riders don’t have the same level of protection as people who drive cars, and as a result, are at a far greater risk of injury. If your injuries were caused by someone else’s actions, you deserve the chance to file a lawsuit to recover the compensation you need to cover any damages you may have incurred. At Fleming, Nolen & Jez, our motorcycle accident attorneys have dedicated their careers to providing our clients with knowledgeable and passionate legal representation, and through their efforts, we have successfully recovered verdict awards and monetary compensation for our clients. Contact us today to begin preparing for your future.

Who Was At Fault?

Determining who was at fault is a key part of proving liability in a crash. In many cases, motorcycle accidents are caused by negligence or wrongdoing by another driver who failed to notice the oncoming motorcycle or the motorcycle in the lane next to them. If you were involved in one of these crashes, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately both to ensure that you’re okay and also to accurately note any injuries directly caused by the crash. The longer you wait, the more difficult it may be to prove that your injuries were directly caused by the accident, and the harder it will be to secure compensation to cover those medical bills.

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If you were seriously injured in a motorcycle crash caused by the negligent or wrongful actions of someone else on the road, our motorcycle accident lawyers at Fleming, Nolen & Jez are ready to provide you with the legal assistance you need to secure the compensation you deserve. Give us a call at (713) 621-7944 to speak with one of our lawyers about your case, or start out with a free case consultation by sending us your information through our online form.