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Representative Accuses FDA, Bayer of Downplaying Essure® Side Effects

February 25, 2016 · FLEMING | NOLEN | JEZ, L.L.P.

EssureEssure® is a form of permanent birth control that involves inserting metal coils in the fallopian tubes of a woman who no longer wants to have children. The metal coils force the fallopian tubes to form scar tissue around them making it so reproduction is not possible. Unfortunately, some women have still become pregnant even after having the coils inserted. Furthermore, they have also experienced serious side effects that cause debilitating damage. Essure® became a big piece of news since last year with the FDA reevaluating the safety of the birth control.

Now, Representative Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA) is claiming that Bayer — the manufacturer of Essure® — and the Food and Drug Administration are downplaying the serious complications and fetal deaths associated with the birth control. Fitzpatrick wrote a letter on his website reiterating the many claims that have come forward from the thousands of women who have had the Essure® birth control implanted.

There is an ongoing investigation into Essure® and the goal is to take the birth control off of the market.

At Fleming | Nolen | Jez, L.L.P., we have been investigating a possible claim against Bayer if Essure® is removed from the market. We know the complications that this birth control has caused women and we aim to help them file a claim to seek compensation for the damages incurred.

If you have had the Essure® birth control implanted and are experiencing possible side effects, call us today. Our Essure® attorneys are dedicated to righting the wrongs done to patients who have received the implanted coils. We are prepared to file the necessary claim if Essure® is taken off the market after being deemed unsafe.

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